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The future of 3D design in fashion

Tue 23 Mar 2021 | 06:41 am GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

Browzwear enables design, sampling and approval to happen quickly and without the need to pick up a sewing needle.

Digital technology is transforming the way the fashion industry designs, samples and approves garments, with 3D tech saving time, money, and decreasing carbon footprint. Every Friday at 1pm (GMT), Products of Change, Behind the Brands and Aqua & Rock co-host a room on talk about future enablers for sustainability on Clubhouse – the new drop-in audio chat app. One recent topic that came up was the future of design and in turn approvals for the industry, with more and more businesses turning to 3D design, sampling and approvals. “We were fortunate to have Browzwear drop into one of our recent chats and talk to us about its 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, and how the technology can be used to right from the initial concept through to commerce,” said Helena Mansell-Stopher, founder of Products of Change. “The technology has moved on so rapidly over the last few years and is doing away with paper sketches, patterns and hand-sewn samples. It allows designers to be more efficient with their time and massively reducing the materials used, which decreases the carbon footprint.” Through the power of beautiful, true-to-life 3D, designers, developers, production and marketing can now collaborate effectively to get creative products to market faster than ever before. With Browzwear, brands and retailers around the world are connecting people and processes, reducing iterations and samples, and merchandising garments even before they are produced. In a recent press release, Avihay Feld, co-founder and CEO of Browzwear said: “We’re proud to remain at the forefront of solution development for the apparel industry and will continue developing our technology so apparel professionals can make incredible garments while reducing fashion’s environmental footprint. Learn more here: browzwear.com/
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