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Thu 13 Jan 2022 | by Rob Hutchins

Tune into the research | Gary Pope to deliver discussion on children, parents, and sustainability

Gary Pope, the founder of the family insights and research group, Kids Industries and Products of Change’s ambassador for the children’s market is to deliver a platform exclusive talk on his recent research into the relationship that children and families have with the topic of sustainability. The study of 2001 children and parents across the UK and US was launched in the wake of COP26 last year, with the aim of uncovering some home truths about perceptions and understanding of topics within the scope of sustainability among families. Titled Current Perceptions in Sustainability Today – Kids and Families, the talk will take place on Thursday, 20th January at 11am GMT. Pope’s research made headlines last year when it was launched to coincide with Brand Licensing Europe and the Sustainability Activation in partnership with Products of Change. A number of eye-opening revelations were revealed through the study, including that almost half of parents in the UK would like to see toy companies implement greater measures to make their toys easier to recycle. The study found that despite a quarter of UK parents making conscious efforts to purchase sustainable toys for their children in 2020, around 15 per cent of toys bought in the UK today head to landfill when they are no longer used. It also went on to lift the veil on a number of topics within the sustainability sphere and UK and US families’ understanding of the matter. Key among the findings is that while 63 per cent of UK children and 67 per cent in the US aged five to 15 believe our impact on the environment and wildlife is the most important issue we face today, a larger proportion of that demographic still do not know what sustainability means. Meanwhile, 87 per cent of UK children do not know what the term ‘greenwashing’ means, while 86 per cent do not understand the term ‘bioplastic’. This lands at the same time the UK government introduces its Green Claims Code, a legislative set of rules that companies must now adhere to when marketing their products as ‘sustainable’ or ‘eco-friendly.’ It also follows the announcement that the government will change the primary curriculum to include climate change science and sustainability studies. Get ahead of the research Offering readers instant access to the findings via their mobile devices, the research was launched last year with a QR code to scan, taking you directly to its key discoveries. Why not brush up on the research and get ahead of the discussion by checking out the QR code below? “The introduction of a new environment-based curriculum couldn’t come at a better time,” said Gary Pope, CEO and co-founder of Kids Industries, and Children’s Market ambassador for Products of Change. “Children need supporting in their knowledge of the issues at hand and what they can do to make a difference – never underestimate the power of collective responsibility. “That said, parents don’t want more information, they want it to be easier and they’re looking for companies that can facilitate this. The demand for new solutions from children and their parents is evident – and just as recycling is at the forefront of children’s minds, it’s playing on their parents’ thinking, too, and best of all – it’s the easiest solution. “There’s now a genuine desire too for toys that are produced more sustainably – a consciousness to see less waste. The toy industry has a responsibility to review these figures and adjust accordingly. The time to take action and listen to wants and desires in these areas is now.” Gary Pope will be delivering his talk via the Products of Change platform at 11am on Thursday, 20th of January. Register to attend by following this link.

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