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Tue 13 Jul 2021 | by Michelle Urquhart

Turn household recycling into toys

UK-based family business, Junko, has created a product that turns household recycling into toys, and when kids are finished playing, can be used over and over again. Junko began when graphic designer Pete Rope was making a junk model car from a juice carton with his children and he didn’t have anything to make working wheels with so he started thinking about a solution. He wanted the wheels to attach to all shapes and types of junk, boxes, bottles, cartons which can be bendy, flat and curved and be easily reusable. Following extensive testing, he developed a frame, wheels and re-usable fixings to connect all kinds of junk together quickly using less tape and glue helping kids experiment, learn and create all at the same time. “We know sustainable toys are still a niche, hopefully one day they will be the norm,” writes Pete on the Junko website.  “Many parents resign themselves to the sea of plastic toys their kids get, none of us is perfect - it's hard to fight it! The good news is that awareness is growing of the need for ethical/responsible shopping and we love that plastic-free and refill shops are starting to appear on high streets. For our part we focussed on making an original, quality, European made product, made from recycled material which should hopefully give years of fun. “The joy of Junko is that it's not a pre-defined toy kit, or a kit where you just attach one junk item to complete the toy. Rather, it becomes part of pretty much any size junk model allowing kids the freedom and creativity to make whatever they want. Junko can integrate into existing play and toys.” Read more about Junko here.