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UK brand Space NK teams with Handle Recycling to 'make the beauty industry more sustainable'

Thu 13 Jan 2022 | 03:04 pm GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Space NK has partnered with handle Recycling to ramp up its sustainability efforts

The UK beauty brand, Space NK has partnered with the circular economy specialists, Handle Recycling to launch a new beauty packaging recycling scheme across all 74 of its stores across the country. The move arrives as part of a wider mission – and Handle Recycling’s own big aim – to make beauty more sustainable by keeping post-consumer plastics circulating through recycling, and reducing the amount of waste entering the environment as harmful toxins and pollution. Space NK will now join the effort to intercept used and empty beauty packaging from heading to landfill by providing collection points in all 74 of its stores across the UK. Once collected, the packaging will be sorted by Handle Recycling into the correct waste stream, where the material will be repurposed for the manufacturing of more beauty packaging, or turned in Handle’s collection of sustainable beauty accessories. Each of Handle’s beauty accessories is handmade from 100 per cent recycled plastic. As a major feather in the cap for the cause, Space NK will be accepting all recyclable beauty packaging, including that from items from brands that are not sold by the retailer. It is the first of a number of sustainable measures the brand will be putting in place across its business over the course of this year. Emma Simpson-Scott, chief marketing officer at Space NK, said: “Our pledge to the planet is a simple one. We will do everything within our power to be better and do better. Working closely with our partners, our suppliers, our employees, and our customers, we’ll strive to make our environmental footprint as minimal as we possibly can. “From the brands we work with, to the materials we use and the products we develop; together we will create a better space by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Our partnership with Handle is the first of several initiatives we are implementing across our business in 2022.” Handle was selected as a partner on Space NK’s Better Space campaign owing to its commitment to transparency, its approach to helping the beauty industry reduce waste, and ‘a shared desire to promote sustainable value chains and business models that are kind to the planet and future generations.’ Steve Banks, co-founder of Handle, added: “We estimate that as many as five billion units of beauty packaging are consumed each year in the UK alone. We are truly in a global crisis and have a collective responsibility to make positive change. “Handle’s mission is to help make the beauty industry sustainable. We are delighted to partner with Space NK to make our transparent and responsible recycling programme accessible to all, across the UK and help create a better space.” Last week, the fashion and beauty house Chanel detailed the launch of its ‘most eco-conscious collection to date’ dubbed Chanel No. 1 – a range featuring refillable options for customers as well as being made with plastic free packaging. That itself followed a movement initiated last November to focus on reusable packaging within the beauty sector. A collaborative initiative spearheaded by Beauty Kitchen and backed by firms including Asda and Unilever, the programme called Re – short for Return-Refill-Repeat – was first implemented across the brand’s own line, before being rolled out to welcome beauty brands across the business. Under the initiative, customers return empty packaging with the appropriate logo to a participating retailer. The packaging is then cleaned and sent back to the retailer, either re-filled or ready for in-store refill. The packaging is made using steel, glass, and washable plastics and features a smart tracking system so that it can be scanned across the value chain. The overall vision of the Re programme is to mitigate the landfilling of 100 million bottles within three years. Think tanks have estimated that the global cosmetics and toiletries sector is producing 120 billion units of packaging a year. Research by the BBC in 2019 found that one-third of the single-use plastic packaging items found in typical UK households are due to bathroom products.
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