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UK investors want sustainable investments

Tue 12 Jan 2021 | 03:07 pm GMT
Michelle Urquhart | Products of Change Writer

British investors do consider a company\'s environmental impact when making investments (credit: aapsky / Shutterstock)

78% of British investors would not invest against their personal beliefs From climate change to plastic pollution, the world is facing many tough environmental challenges. Investors have a significant role to play in helping to deal with such issues by considering and evaluating the environmental impact of any business opportunity before investing. Energy comparison website, SaveonEnergy.com/uk/ has analysed the latest data from asset management firm Schroders and online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover what British investors think about sustainability when considering investments. There is an average of 111,120 online searches every year for sustainable investments; which is about 9,260 searches per month. Interestingly, 78% of British investors would refuse a potential investment opportunity if it did not meet their moral code. Additionally, SaveonEnergy.com/uk/ surveyed 538 sustainable investors from the UK to discover the environmental issues they think businesses most need to be paying attention to in 2021. It found that global warming/climate change (61%) is the environmental issue that investors think businesses should most focus on in 2021. In second position is plastic pollution as 54% of investors rate it as a critical environmental matter for businesses to consider in their decisions. Air pollution is in third place as 49% of investors view it as an environmental issue that should be factored in where possible by businesses in 2021. Overall, 65% of sustainable investors believe businesses can do ‘much more’ in the new year to help combat various environmental issues. See the full research report here
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