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Wed 27 Sep 2023 | by Rob Hutchins

UK toy firm Brainstorm reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions 18.9% in latest report

The UK toy firm, Brainstorm has made ‘great strides’ in its sustainability efforts having made what it calls ‘crucial reductions’ across its business’ greenhouse gas emissions. Over the last few year, the business has been busy implementing ‘robust practices’ to hit sustainability goals in line with its own stringent targets. Brainstorm’s compliance team has since outlined its goals for 2024 and beyond. Most notably, the company has reduced plastic packaging across all ranges, evidenced by new product launches, as well as being implemented throughout existing lines. With the aim of eradicating single-use plastic from all products, Brainstorm has introduced a programme to change all its blister packed items into a cardboard pack using recycled or FSC card where possible. To date, the toy company has reduced its plastic importation by 30% per year with ‘ambitious targets for 2024 and beyond’. In August this year, the company’s head office in Gisburn achieved its goals of switching to 100% renewable energy. “We are wholly committed to our net zero journey and are continuously looking at ways in which we can achieve more sustainability across the company to help us achieve the rigorous targets we have set ourselves,” said Katey Greenwood, compliance manager at Brainstorm Ltd. “Retailers will have already seen this implemented across packaging which not only benefits the environment but also in our opinion adds to our product quality and aesthetic.” Since the business began measuring its scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions in 2021, Brainstorm has seen a reduction by 18.9%. Its target is to reduce those further to a 40% reduction by 2030 against its April 2020 to March 2021 baseline. “We are actually enjoying this process immensely and it has had a positive impact on the business as a whole,” said Katey. “We are consistently looking at ways to innovate to reduce our environmental impact.”