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Thu 24 Nov 2022 | by Rob Hutchins

Waitrose employs heat pump tech to beat energy price hikes and target net zero by 2035

Waitrose has revealed plans to make its shops more energy efficient to combat rising energy prices while pushing forwards with its plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for its direct operations by 2035. As part of the strategy, Waitrose is switching from fossil fuel heating to electric heat pumps across its stores, all powered by zero-carbon renewable energy. Already, 100% of the electricity the retail group purchases comes from zero carbon UK-based renewable energy sources. By 2028, Waitrose and the John Lewis Partnership is committed to reducing their energy consumption by 25%. This will be achieved through a series of energy efficiency projects over the coming years, including combining its heats pumps with upgraded refrigeration systems to allow heat recovery. Neil Coleman, operations manager, energy and innovation for the John Lewis Partnership, said: “No business is immune to rising energy costs. We’ve already set an ambitious plan to reduce our energy consumption and reach our goal of net zero emissions by 2035. With energy prices rising, we’re accelerating this. We’re focusing on heat recovery solutions and thermal efficiency to help lower the general heating and cooling load of our buildings.” The Partnership will continue to roll out Air Door technology across its estate to reduce hot and cold air infiltration into a building, thereby reducing refrigeration, heating, and cooling energy consumption. It will also phase out HFC (Hydrofluorocarbons) refrigerants, switching to water-cooled systems and low GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants. The estate will also convert to LED lighting across its stores, reducing the shop’s electricity consumption by up to 10%.