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What More is ‘zero to landfill’

Thu 29 Jul 2021 | 05:41 am GMT
Jo Howard | Products of Change Writer

What More re-purposes 40 tonnes of single use plastic on a daily basis.

"Becoming a zero to landfill company was a necessity for us,” states director Tony Grimshaw of What More UK, the UK's largest manufacturer of plastic household accessories and storage boxes. "Businesses exist to solve problems, not to hide them away" says What More director Tony Grimshaw OBE, when highlighting how the company has become a zero to landfill business. What More re-purposes 40 tonnes of ‘single use' plastic per day. Tony reports: “Becoming a zero to landfill company was a necessity for us. We manufacture long lasting, durable plastic housewares. Our products can be reused over and over again, and then they can be recycled. There's never any reason why they should end up in landfill." To minimise its waste What More has invested in efficient factory design and modern technology. Its new bakeware machines have magnetic conveyors which transport scrap metal straight to recycling. Moreover, several product ranges are made almost entirely from recycled materials: Upcycled from recycled ‘single use' plastic and the Recycled range from post-industrial scrap. What More has started bringing in scrap from other companies due to the popularity of these ranges. Manufacturing director Rob Walker explains: "Our products are designed with the circular economy in mind. That's true for metal and plastic items.”
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