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Your waste has value | Find out how to unlock it at the Circular Economy 101 Workshop

Thu 07 Jul 2022 | 01:30 pm GMT
Rob Hutchins | Products of Change Writer

Join the Circular Economy 101 Workshop on July 13 to unlock the value of your waste

Your waste has value. You’ve likely heard the expression before but simply hadn’t had the time or capacity to ask the all-important first question towards recovering it: What on Earth are you talking about? It’s the Circular Economy in a nutshell. Unlocking the value in your waste, retaining that value and then making money out of it. It’s the ideal scenario for businesses looking to increase or discover new revenue streams. It’s also the ideal scenario for the health of the planet. Between toy take back schemes from both LEGO and Mattel driving industry conversation, and eBay taking up exclusive sponsorship of the ITV reality TV series, Love Island this year, the circular economy has never been more in fashion than right now. It’s according to the latest figures from the resale specialists, thredUP that recommerce will be a €70bn market within the next ten years, largely driven by a surge in demand for second-hand from a younger, more environmentally aware generation of consumers. The fact is the circular economy is going to have a very large role in supporting a more sustainable future for the consumer products sector. And Products of Change wants to help the industry get ahead of its curve and understand some of the basic principles in making the transition to this bold, future-thinking economic model work for you and your business. That’s why Products of Change is to host its first Circular Economy 101 Workshop on Wednesday, July 13th from 2.00pm at the Informa Offices on Blackfriars Road in London. Products of Change Members can purchase their tickets here. Non-members can book their place here. The workshop – geared at providing an understanding of the basic principles of the economic model and how it can support a more sustainable future for the consumer products sector – will be led by Products of Change’s advisor and circular economy expert, Arthur Parry. The circular economy is defined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a ‘systems-led approach’ to:
  1. Eliminate waste and pollution
  2. Circulate products and materials at their highest value (resale)
  3. Regenerate nature
“In practical terms, this includes thinking about how products are used and ways in which manufacturing processes can be improved to reduce waste, how products and their parts can be put to better use (through reuse, repair, or refurbishment), and how materials can be reused through recycling (although this should be seen as a last resort,” said POC advisor and The Circular Economy 101 Workshop lead, Arthur Parry. The participative London workshop will include group discussions, practical exercises, and will provide live examples of the circular economy in practice today. The workshop will arm attendees with the knowledge needed to apply their circular economy learning straight away. The three-hour course is priced at £120 (plus VAT) for Products of Change members and £150 (plus VAT) for Non-Members and will include course materials and refreshments. Like previous Products of Change workshops, the Circular Economy 101 Workshop will be hosted by Informa at the company’s London offices on Blackfriars Road (close to Southwark Underground Station). The course will take place on Wednesday, July 13th at 2.00pm. For more information on how to join the course, email advisors@productsofchange.com
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