Among the questions most asked by our Products of Change community is for suggestions and recommendations as to who can help support their journey on a technical side.

In response, we have compiled a list of businesses doing some amazing work. This is not an exhaustive list and, of course, there are many other companies offering their services – but our members are working with those listed here and they are very much a part of our Products of Change community.
Impact Data – We have been working with the wonderful team over at Dayrize for the last three years, to enable our community to gain real impact (lifecycle assessment) data for their products. Data that is missing is aggregated to give you impact measurements across Climate Impact (Carbon), Circularity, Ecosystem Impact, Livelihoods and Wellbeing and Purpose, and maps, product, packaging, manufacturing, distribution impacts as well as checking to see if you are compliant with local law.

Aggregating Data – Many companies save their impact data across the business in multiple places. Buying new systems to pull this all together can be expensive. Fabacus are the connectors of data, pulling your data from multiple sources then aggregating it into one data source. Thanks to the team’s abilities, Fabacus can deliver against the new Digital Product Passport requirements and have already launched this technology with Nobody’s Child and Marks and Spencer’s.

Climate Partner helps its customers calculate and reduce their carbon emissions and finance climate projects while its CliatePartner certified label acts to guarantee transparency credibility, enabling consumers to use the climate-ID number of a product or company to discover their amount of calculated emissions and the relevant reduction measures.

This climate-ID number also displays the climate projects the product or company supports alongside other useful information such as the Sustainable Development Goals being met by the project.

From a small apartment in Munich, Climate Partner now boasts a roster of over 6,000 clients and more than 500 employees across Berlin, Barcelona, Boston, Essen, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Munich, and elsewhere.

Ailuna is a sustainability engagement app which makes it fun to develop habits that are good for you and the planet. Ailuna knows that taking action is the best way to create new, positive self-beliefs around the sustainability impact we can have and its approach is rooted in behavioural science, based on James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

Whether you’re an individual or a business looking to adopt more sustainable habits – either at work or at home – the Ailuna app gamifies the process of forming new habits and taking up a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Ailuna (ai luna) is Hawaiin and means “upwards, up there, aiming high towards the moon”, and aiming high is what the team does.

“Together we are creating a community of people who want to make a bigger difference to our world, one habit at time.”

NOSY is a Creative Agency, distinguished by its dedication to Branding, Websites, Video Production, and Campaigns. Their distinguishing feature lies in their commitment.

Their goal is to collaborate with businesses that are driven by a purpose. This includes areas such as wildlife conservation, renewable energy, sustainable transport, research, eco software, and other sectors vital for a sustainable future.

In addition to advocating for these causes, NOSY is committed to minimizing their own environmental footprint. They are dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement in order to enhance their operations.

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