Recycle 2 Read

Do you want to be part of creating a closed loop recycling infrastructure in the UK for toys? If so, read on…

This initiative is a huge research project in partnership with Sheffield University, WRAP, OPRL, EPPIC, DEFRA and all of the UK children’s magazine publishers.  The campaign will launch in September 2021.

The initiative will be titled ‘Recycle to Read’ encouraging schools to collect toys, waste electronics (WEE) and textiles to be redeemed for recycling reward points, the reward points then in turn provide free books to schools, the Children’s’ Literacy Trust is a partner of the initiative and we are looking forward to engaging with toy manufacturers, brand owners, publishers and retailers to bring the initiative to life.

Please learn more about this initiative at , download the PDF and contact Katy Newnham across the connect area.