Circular Economy, the wheel of fortune | Arthur Parry on the tricks businesses are missing in circularity

Independent consultant in Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategy Advisor for Products of Change, Arthur Parry explores how businesses can make a success of circularity.

UN urged to draw up Plastic Treaty as pollution reaches 'climate change level threat to life on earth'

Two environmental agencies have this week called upon the UN to draw up a robust treaty to tackle the plastic pollution crisis, including an open letter signed by more than 70 global businesses.

World Alive | Founder Amy Holden talks a sustainable twist in the tail for Aqua Dragons

We chat with the founder of the international toy brand World Alive to learn more about sustainable plans for Aqua Dragons and the continued success of its Earth for All platform.

Ralph Lauren says it has developed the first sustainable performance apparel technology

A new polo shirt from Ralph Lauren "paves the way for circularity" in the performance apparel industry, using all-natural fibres and technology to enhance attributes like quick-drying and moisture management.

Extreme E bills Count Us In partnership "a huge success" as it names X44 its first Sustainability Award winner

Extreme E partnered with Count Us In to launch the Extreme E Count Us In Challenge to encourage fans to live lower carbon lifestyles and earn points for their favourite Extreme E teams

Timberland launches Timberloop, a new take-back programme in the US

Under the programme, customers can return their used Timberland footwear, clothing, and accessories to be reused, recycled/upcycled into new products, or refurbished for sale.

UK brand Space NK teams with Handle Recycling to 'make the beauty industry more sustainable'

Space NK will now join the effort to intercept used and empty beauty packaging from heading to landfill by providing collection points in all 74 of its stores across the UK

Help shape the content you want to see: Take the Products of Change survey

2022 is earmarked as the year we introduce Products of Change 2.0 with amped up content, engagement and a roster of newness planned to help take the sustainability conversation to the next level.

Golden Bear details sustainable plans for Mr Tumble and The Baby Club ranges this year

The British toy maker has detailed its plans to convert Mr Tumble and The Baby Club ranges into recycled polyester this year, following strong sales for its overhauled Hey Duggee collection.

Eating their words | Meet the team making children's books from plantable paper

Products of Change catches up with Willsow, a UK team taking the printing and gifting industries into a new future with children's books made from plantable paper.