Natural History Museum collab with John Lewis

New sustainable fashion has been inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

Salomon to make shoes in France

Relocating manufacturing from Asia will shorten reaction times, reduce carbon footprint and create new jobs in France.

Believe in Better merchandise

Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris put together on-trend inauguration merchandising range which features collabs from top designers.

Waitrose on top for plastic reduction

Waitrose has reduced its total use of plastics by 6.1% from 2017, ranking it first in new report into supermarket single-use plastics from Greenpeace and the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency).

VTech launches plant-based plastic vehicles

New products include three vehicles in the Go! Go! Smart Wheels line made from plant-based plastic, and the Sort & Recycle Ride-on Truck made from reclaimed plastic.

Smarties switches to paper packaging

Nestlé’s Smarties is the first global confectionery brand to switch to recyclable paper packaging, removing approximately 250 million plastic packs sold globally every year.

‘Forever chemicals’ found in snow on Everest

Synthetic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) - also known as ‘forever chemicals’ - used in water-repellent outdoor gear have been found in snow from the top of Mount Everest.

Is remote working here to stay?

COVID-19 has forced businesses to rethink how they manage people and production from virtual locations, and this ‘temporary fix’ might actually become the norm

Focus on eliminating supply chain emissions

Eight global supply chains account for more than 50% of global emissions and fully decarbonising these would add just 1%-4% to end-consumer costs for many everyday items

Dove launches refillable deodorant

New design uses 54% less plastic than regular packaging and the 98% of the plastic that is used is made from recycled content.