Xilam Animation publishes its first carbon footprint assessment

Xilam Animation publishes its first carbon footprint assessment

The French animation studio, Xilam Animation has taken a bold first step in its commitment to corporate social responsibility and the environment with the publication of its first carbon assessment for the year 2022.

The comprehensive group assessment covers Scope 1, 2, and 3 in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology to reveal its total carbon footprint to be 1,673 tonnes CO2e.

The business goes further to break this down reaching a figure of 3.9 tonnes of CO2e per employee. Of this it has found Scopes 1 and 2 (direct emissions generated by the company and indirect emissions linked to the company’s energy consumption) at 10.1%.

It’s Scope 3 emissions (other indirect emissions upstream or downstream in the company’s value chain) come in at 89.9%.

This first carbon footprint report strengthens Xilam Group’s climate strategy which has already identified means to actively reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and has taken effective steps to mitigate its environmental impact.

In 2023, as part of this strategy, Xilam committed to a responsible purchasing policy, invested in more environmentally friendly technologies, improved its production processes, reduced and streamlined its data and storage volume, extended the life of its equipment, and implemented awareness initiatives across its teams.

Xilam now intends to build on this momentum to pursue a significant near-term reduction in its carbon footprint.

Marc du Pontavice, chairman and ceo of Xilam, said: “Xilam set out to conduct a comprehensive assessment of its carbon footprint to identify ways to spur action and take a very proactive stance on the matter. The results prove the company is already very ‘green’ compared to the audiovisual sector.

“However, they also show it still has significant room for manoeuvre to continue reducing its footprint. This is an important step for the Group in terms of its social and environmental responsibility.”

According to Greenly, the service provider with whom Xilam conducted its carbon footprint assessment, the Group’s carbon footprint per employee is half (-49%) the median for referenced companies in the cultural and creative industries. The sector median carbon footprint per employee is currently 8.02 tonnes CO2e.

Xilam’s biggest impact is currently in service purchasing at 40% of its total footprint. Within this category, animation outsourcing studios account for 61% of emissions, followed by Intellectual Services and Sound Recordings.

Energy represents 13% of total emissions, with 85% coming from electricity and 13% from the heating network.

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