Mars hunts ‘supply chain visionaries’ to “redefine food systems”

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Mars hunts ‘supply chain visionaries’ to “redefine food systems”

The Mars snacking division has struck up a new partnership with Unreasonable Group to launch a hunt for food supply chain visionaries and pioneers to transform and redefine food systems to ensure a more regenerative, inclusive, and equitable future.

In support of Mars’ own Net Zero Roadmap for 2050, the three-year partnership will operate under the name Mars Unreasonable Food and aim to create ‘a forward-looking snacking business’ for Mars.

It will focus on four main pillars: Shaping the Future of Food; Improving Farmer Livelihood; Transforming Food Supply Chains; and Reimagining Sustainable Packaging. These are the four areas Mars believes it can make a meaning impact.

Each year over the next three, the Mars Unreasonable Food partnership will scour the globe to identify, invite, and unite growth-stage entrepreneurs ‘best positioned to profitably solve sustainability challenges.’ These ventures will be mutually selected by Unreasonable Group’s team and the Mars Snacking team.

The first cohort of select ventures and their mentors will be announced later this spring before they join Mars Snacking’s first Unreasonable Food programme which will unite founders with mentorship from the Mars Snacking global team as well as some of the renowned Unreasonable Mentors.

Daniel Epstein, ceo at Unreasonable Group, said: “More than 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity can be attributed to the way we produce, process, and package food. 

“As one of the world’s largest food companies with some of the world’s most admired brands, Mars Snacking, in partnership with Unreasonable and the entrepreneurs e support together, is uniquely positioned to put that statistic where it belongs – in a museum.

“We cannot imagine a more compelling partner to set a new standard for sustainability in our food systems than Mars.”

Gulen Bengi, chief growth officer at Mars Snacking, added: “Mars is committed to improving sustainability and quality of lives throughout the food supply chain – our brands and their global communities have the reach and scale to make meaningful impact, helping shape real change.”

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