Shoreditch welcomes new research exhibition on textile circularity

An exhibition of textiles and clothing with alongside research and information.

Shoreditch welcomes new research exhibition on textile circularity

A new exhibition bringing a whole wealth of research into sustainable apparel and textiles has now landed at London’s Rich Mix where it has been curated to engage public, industry, NGOs, and government in the conversation around waste and climate change.

Produced by the UKRI Interdisciplinary Textiles Circularity Centre (TCC), the Regenerative Fashion Hub exhibition will not only house and display research in textiles circularity but host talks, open house sessions, policy workshops, and research activities.

The exhibition, held at London’s Rich Mix in the Shoreditch area, aims to deliver on three key objectives:

  1. To encourage interaction with change makers through a series of talks and discussions on important issues relating to textile circularity.
  2. To experience new ways to interact with materials and each other in the fashion system.
  3. To engage in innovative research and discover how you can become a change maker.

“We are researching a new approach to fashion that cuts down on waste and pollution, and boosts economic fairness, personal fulfilment, community bonds, and environmental health,” said the Textiles Circularity Centre. “It’s all about making fashion better for people and the planet.”

The exhibition will organise Public Open House session from February 23 to 29th and March 1, 2, 9, 16, and 20.

It will host several research studies and workshops including Consumer Experience: Augmented Reality and Bio-based Textiles study; Workshop: Exploring novel technologies for extending the life of materials; and Research study: Drivers and Barriers to Circular Supply Chains for Clothing.

The Textiles Circularity Centre has been established to push forwards a vision of the future in which bio waste is used to manufacture textiles to build a UK supply chain of circular biomaterials for the SME apparel-fashion industry and one where cooperation replaces competition between brands who differentiate themselves using advanced manufacturing.

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