Join the Products of Change Live Packaging Workshop and Networking sessions

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Join the Products of Change Live Packaging Workshop and Networking sessions

The Products of Change Live Packaging Workshop is making its return for 2024 taking place on Thursday, March 21st when it will be followed by a special Products of Change members networking event, Sustainability 101.

Following its successful debut in March last year, the Packaging Workshop is coming back to the Informa Markets offices in London where it will once again be led by POC’s packaging ambassador Mike Swain as he takes attendees on a deep dive into the creative processes of producing more sustainable packaging.

Tickets for the session – running from 9.30am to 4.30pm and taking place at the Informa Markets offices in London – are available to purchase now

Packaging Design for the Circular Economy

After a triumphant launch last year, the Workshop will see Mike joined by Products of Change’s Ambassador for the Circular Economy and Advisor, James George as well as university lecturer and packaging guru, Richard Coles. Together, the trio will deliver a day-long session that tackles all areas of packaging including designing for recyclability, moving towards a circular economy for packaging, and an update on current legislation around packaging and product.

The Live Packaging Workshop will be held at the Informa Markets offices, 240 Blackfriars Road, London and will be available to Products of Change members only. This ticketed event will have limited capacity, so companies and individuals are encouraged to register now.

Like last year’s Packaging Workshops, the event will be preceded by a one half-day virtual session led by Mike Swain as he introduces the basics and principles behind current global legislation and its impact on the packaging design sector.

The price of the Live Packaging Workshop will again also include a one-hour one-to-one consultancy follow-up with Mike Swain, Richard Coles, or James George.

Sustainability 101 networking session

Bringing the Products of Change community together, the Live Packaging Workshop on Thursday, 21st March will be followed by an hour-long networking session – Sustainability 101. From 4.30pm to 5.30pm – immediately following the Workshop – attendees will benefit from a one-hour session during which they can get to grips with the basics of sustainability, chat and network with community members, and enjoy a complimentary refreshment or two while spending the hour in good, like-minded company. 

Products of Change members can register for their complimentary Sustainability 101 ticket here. The networking session will run from 4.30pm until 5.30pm at the Informa Markets offices.

Those wishing to purchase their tickets for the Live Packaging Workshop can do so here.

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