Moomins joins Uniqlo’s Peace for All campaign to support victims of poverty and war

Moomins joins Uniqlo’s Peace for All campaign to support victims of poverty and war

Rights and Brands – the magnanimous Helsinki team behind the Moomins IP – has partnered with the fashion giant Uniqlo to bring its iconic animated property to a new Peace for All project to support global victims of poverty, discrimination, violence, and war.

Moomins have become the latest in a collection of major figures and brands now taking a stand for peace with Uniqlo by volunteering to design a series of t-shirts embodying their peaceful wishes.

Inspired by Moominvalley and Moomin creator Tove Jansson’s propensity for peace, the design brings to the forefront the brand’s utopian ideals in which its diverse set of characters are all valued of their unique differences.

All proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts will be donated to international organisations supporting those affected by violence, discrimination, armed conflict, and poverty including charities like The UN Refugee Agency, Save the Children, and Plan International.

Other notable brands to be working on the project include Keith Haring, Dick Bruna and Miffy, Roger Federer, Peanuts, and Haruki Murakami.

Changing the future through clothing

The project is part of Uniqlo’s wider mission to ‘change our future through the power of clothing’ that encompasses other activities such as the donation of clothing collected from customers through recycling initiatives to refugee camps and other places where people are in need of clothing. To operate effectively, Uniqlo has partnered with the UNHCR, NPO, and other NGOs around the world to ensure clothes are got to the right people in the right places. 

In 2022, Uniqlo launched its Re-Uniqlo strategy with an emphasis on repair and refurbishment for well-worn clothing to avoid textiles waste and drive sustainable behaviours when it comes with customer relationships with clothing. Today, Uniqlo boasts a string of Re-Uniqlo Studio stores in which clothing repair services are being offered. The majority of these stores are located in London and offer services including repair and remake on items of clothing. 

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